Monday, April 14, 2008

The Results .....

Looking back at what I ended up making for the lovely couple, I have mixed feelings .... The main dish - Grilled Chicken with Dukkah coating turned out great, but the same cannot be said about the garlic bread and the dessert. What could go wrong with garlic bread you may ask - it's so simple! Yes I know but what would go wrong would go wrong *sigh :(

Alright, let's start with the disasters then to the good story:

Don't get me wrong the garlic bread tasted good but maybe somehow the lemon zest i added to the garlic bread (as per the recipe given), actually turned light green on the bread and it looked kinda of weird - green garlic bread urghh! Anyway the guests were very gracious and ate the garlic bread without complaining or expressing fear of being poisoned, so I am grateful to them hehe. Unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of the garlic bread so it's up to your imagination!

As for the dessert (marbled choc cheese cake), all were going well - until yes, until i put the mixture into the oven and forgot to check the setting is on "bottom filament". You see i have this old style oven which has 2 settings: top and bottom filament. The bottom filament should be used for baking biscuits, cake etc and the top filament is more for roast/grill. I used the top filament for my dessert and as you can imagine, the top was burnt while the cake was still cooking! Well to help your imagination, here is a picture of it! I just have to laugh when the cake was taken out of the oven - the top is so black and hard.

Thank God, I managed to salvage what is left of the unburnt part and managed somehow to serve the cake disguising the fact it was kinda of a failure. How did i do it? Simply cut off the burnt part and return the cake to the oven =)

Phew, now that we got over the disastrous garlic bread and cake, now let's talk about the success story :)
The grilled chicken coated with dukkah with apple salad was a success - thanks to the recipe posted by Su Yin.

The guests enjoyed it and it is a dish i am sure to make again ^_^

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