Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scone for jam or jam for scones?

On a sunny glorious autumn day, what better place could one go other than the Dandenong? I am so glad Esther suggested the wonderful idea of a visit to Mount Dandenong and the famous Miss Marples Tea Room. (
The last time I visited the tea room was in summer when my mum and sister were visiting melbourne. The cozy tea room is famous for its scone and jam and generous serve of cream :)
We also tried for the 1st time -

Welsh Rarebit Fingers (with mature english cheddar, eggs, guinness, mustard and spices)

Next to the tea room is a tea shop (how appropriate!) which sells all sorts of tea pots, tea cups, large selection of tea and coffee beans. We found something interesting - mug with a cow inside :) of course not literally.

Wonder how practical it is - how do you stir your coffee when the cow gets in the way. Anyway, it is cute and i think it would still make a nice birthday gift or even just to display at home. But after distracted by other nice mugs and tea cups in the shop, we lost interest and ended up getting something more practical - chocolate with coffee beans inside! yum yum.

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