Monday, March 31, 2008

Cake reigns

If the first thing you do when reading a menu is the unstoppable urge to flip straight to the dessert section, then we have something in common! I love cakes, period. *wink wink >p

Here are two of my favourites - Green Tea Pound Cake and Passionfruit and Raspberry Cake. I baked the green tea cake in a loaf pan and cut into little slices to bring to work to share with my colleagues. Most of the raspberry cake was also given to a friend to thank her for always giving me a lift from a Bible Study to home, thanks CM, you are God sent! :)

These are 2 very different cakes, the green tea cake is light, fluffy while the raspberry and passionfruit cake is very rich and sweet.

Friday, March 28, 2008

An important question to ponder ...

And the question is .... what is Leadership? Ya i know on hearing this, some are probably yawning and thinking - what a boring question. But wait! If you think about it, most of us are doing it, maybe without the title but are influencing and "leading" in some ways. Well the reason of this question is due to attending a 2-day course on Leadership Essentials. The course has been stimulating, eye and mind opening and created a lot more reflective thinking and discussion than i thought it would do to me.

Numerous definitions of Leadership can be found in books, internet etc but the main themes are around "influencing" and "vison". I won't bored you here with the definitions and all the details learnt from the course but hopefully it makes you a bit curious and want to find out further. In the course we watched a short interview with Ricardo Semler and i was so inspired by him, his thinking. Read more about his unconventional leadership and corporate work practices, it's very inspiring.