Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lunch Box Challenge

My lunch box

After some brainsotrming and ideas from Tania on the theme for the next girls cooking session, we finally decided on Lunch Box Challenge. Each is to bring 2 set of lunch boxes prepared at home and judging is based on taste, presentation and theme. It was awesome to see everyone put in so much effort despite busy work schedule. The result is lots of variety of good food for the tummy as well as and feast for the eyes.

I love taking opportunity like this to make somehting I would otherwise find too much hassle to make. one particular dishes I miss a lot is Lobak. After some google search I found a "ngoh hiang" recipe (different to the hawker stall lobak) which uses yam (my eyes lit up as soon as I saw yam in the recipe, it's one of my favourite ingredients). I decided to give it a try :)
To add more interest to the lunch box, I also made some Kuih Ubi Bingka as a dessert to go with the lunch box. Though my lunch box missed out on winning the prize, I was very pleased with the lobak, it sure satisfied my cravings and brought back some memories of good old days in hometown Penang.

The winner of the lunch box challenge is Tania, her 'picnic lunch box' stole the lime light with its presentation and creativity. But it wasn't easy doing the scoring as each dish is so tasty, and we could't help wishing if only our daily lunch boxes look like these ones! Pictures of a selection of the lunch boxes:

Tania's picnic lunchbox

Sarah's bread roll sushi and puddings with chocolate flakes toppings

Nga's pandan waffles

Maggie's sushi bento

Esther's sushi bread rolls

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