Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trout Fishing, Apple Farm

Fishing? Yes, not the type of activity you do in the lectures but the kind you do outdoor - and this time in a pond!! Yes, we went trout fishing at Tuki Farm (20km from Daylesford, Creswick and Clunes and 40km from Ballarat), followed by a visit to Apple Farm at Bacchus Marsh. There are a few fish ponds at the farm, varying in size and level of difficulty. Esther and I were the lucky one that day, we were the only one who had success. But at the end some of our friends "cheated" and catch the trout with net instead of fishing rod =). The farm even clean and cook the trout in the restaurant, it was so fresh.

This is Pick-Your-Own and you can eat while you pick too. Farm fresh apples are indeed very fresh and juicy, taste very different to the ones from super market. We all vowed to come back next year!

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